Few Insane Facts That You Must Know About CBD

Few Insane Facts That You Must Know About CBD

Nowadays, CBD is becoming quite famous as an effective way to treat huge number of untreatable medical conditions, which cannot be treated with conventional medications.

Initially however, reputation of CBD was marred due to association with marijuana and THC in general, but now CBD is considered almost like another medicine that you can take for treating your ailments.

CBD can effectively treat number of conditions, right from anxiety and anorexia to psoriasis and dermatitis. Now CBD edibles are becoming famous as another ingredient on the shelf of your pharmacist.

However, still there are plenty of incredibly interesting details to learn about CBD, which most of us might have never heard too. Despite its public perception, few people actually are not much aware much about CBD.

Following are few mind-blowing facts which you must know about CBD.

CBD can really help other medications

 Nowadays CBD is used for wide varieties of medical applications, and also it can interact with few other medications to improve effectiveness of both medicines and CBD too.

CBD is one among 60+ cannabinoids available in cannabis

 In cannabis there are above 60 cannabinoids available besides the famous duo called CBD and THC. The presence of other compounds is in very lower amount.

CBD is safer to offer to your pets

 CBD is not just effective for we humans but also equally beneficial for our pets too. We need to remove the perception from our mind that something that can be obtained from marijuana can herm pets.

CBD counteracts THC

 Though CBD and THC both exist together and presence of THC is usually much more. However, even a small amount of CBD can counteract against the THC effects.

CBD technically does not stimulate our endocannabinoid system

 CBD is quite special while interacting with our endocannabinoid system, and it does not bind our receptors, like THC. In fact, it encourages our endocannabinoid system to trigger our CB1, CB2 receptors.

CBD can offer better feeling but not high

 The most important thing about CBD is that it can offer you much better feeling instead of making you high or intoxicated feeling.

Hemp oil and CBD oil are not same

 Though both CBD oil as well as hemp oils are often used interchangeably but exactly, they are not the same.

CBD’s effects can be enhanced by any other cannabinoids

 Though we know about the benefits of CBD, but you will be surprised to know that CBD will work the best when it is combined with many other cannabinoids.

CBD products are legal but FDA does not regulate

 Number states of the USA have already made the use of CBD legal, however FDA still has not given it a status of medicines and hence the market of CBD is still quite unregulated.

By 2024 CBD market is likely to reach almost $20 billion

 Although many more researches are necessary to know the exact benefits of CBD but the way its market is growing, soon it is like to grow into a $20 billion market.

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