Questions To Ask The Potential Home Security System Installer

There is an array of advanced home security solutions to choose from. It is sensible to make a well-informed decision to purchase a reliable video surveillance system. It is also essential to hire an equally capable installer. Many home and business owners experience security problems because of a lack of knowledge about CCTV security systems.

Before you schedule an appointment with the installing team of wireless home alarm systems in Georgia there are some things to consider like camera coverage, long-term reliability, user-friendly software, and exceptional video quality. Some questions to the professional security system camera team.

Do you use analog or IP cameras?

CCTV makes use of technologies like analog, IP, and HD-TVI. Internet Protocol [IP] is the best because it uses digital encoding and compression to capture videos at great resolutions. With High HD quality, you get detailed pictures, thermal imaging, 360-degree view, and fisheye lenses. HD-TVI is second best!

Will a security CCTV system offer convictable evidence?

Many cases have approved surveillance footage as evidence in courtrooms. Check with the installer to ensure that the provided cameras provide a clear image. Modern technology surveillance solution has made it possible to capture license plates and faces clearly even in low-light conditions.

Is there warranty coverage?

A warranty is also offered on residential surveillance security solutions from manufacturers. However, you will need to dismantle, repackage and ship it to the manufacturer. This can leave you without a security solution for some time. Check with the installer or find out how the warranty package is offered.

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