Trade instruments offered by CFDAdvanced trading broker

The CFDAdvanced actually supports many assets that you can really enjoy while trading. This superior brokerage firm supports to trade of more than two hundred different assets, which categorized as follows such as stocks, indices, forex, commodities and crypto currencies. Of course, the traders have access to the market of the entire assets in which the brokerage firm helps to enable them to know the environment of every asset market. This comprehensive range provides numerous benefits to the traders such as low risk trading, different trading portfolios and improved the investment opportunities.

Account options in CFDAdvanced broker

Basically, the CFDAdvanced provides five major account types. In reality, each trader is unique and everyone has a diverse understanding of trading and has different experience in the trading market. Hence, the traders can select a specific account type accordingly, when it comes to the financial conditions and investment ideas. Below are the five accounts providing unique options, tools and instruments based on the requirements of a customer.

Silver account

Once you open this account type on this firm, you can get up to 20% of bonus on your funding money. If you have simply started your way into a trading market, this account is definitely for you.

Gold account

It is a very good option for intermediate level brokers and its leverage is 1:40 as well as the bonus beyond up to 40%.

Diamond account

This account type provides up to 80% of entry bonus and also the leverage amount has improved.

Platinum account

This account is specially made for the advanced users who wish to enjoy trading. It provides up to ten trading sessions for each month.

VIP account

The users of this account in CFDAdvanced will enjoy limitless trading sessions for every month and also get help from the excellent team of brokers.

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